Film Packs

I only do two, so it's easy.

Main Pack +$2799
Coverage from just before your ceremony through to your reception (usually about 8 hours of coverage). All of this adds up to you receiving a wedding flick (like the ones in our gallery), a fully edited run-through of your ceremony and a fully edited run-through of your reception speeches, so three videos in total, woo! Even with no add-ons this pack is full of goodies and is perfect for capturing the vibe of the day.

Elopement Pack +$1899
Coverage of your entire elopement (no more than about 4 hours of coverage), and that is edited into a short film that contains your ceremony and highlights of the rest of your elopement, including the post-ceremony photoshoot with your photographer.



If you want to add things on to your main pack.

Second Shooter +$339
If you’d like a second gunman on the grassy knoll to capture a bit more stuff, and make sure that zero important bits are missed, then this is a very handy +add-on. The more the merrier!

Preparation +$599
You can choose to have me come along to your preparation and capture what’s happening between the gents and lasses, for a bit of extra story in your wedding flick. This includes about 4 hours of coverage before your ceremony starts.

Pre-Wedding Interview from +$699
You might not think it, but this adds so much story to your wedding flick. On top of that, you get the interviews as a separate edited piece added to your pack to watch for years to come!

Video Invitation + RSVP Service from +$1199
These are SO cool! Not only do you get to invite people to your wedding visually (accompanied by a creative side story), but I also host and manage a very helpful RSVP service for your invited guests! Click through and checkout what it looks like here!

How it comes

A sneak peak at what you'll get to hold.