Before You Start

Just some information to make it a little easier.

Some of these sections may not apply to you, so if they don’t apply to you, you don’t have to fill them out. But if you’re not sure- just fill it out anyway, you never know what might come in handy.

This shouldn’t take you too long, and will┬ámake sure we know what we’re doing on the day!

Here We Go

It's totally worth it!

    If you have someone else on the day you’d like us to contact if anything arises, add their details below, not your own.

    It’s always fun to learn how our couples heard about us, if you can remember it’d be really helpful to us in the future!

    We love working well with your photographer, so if you provide us with their details, we can make sure we’re on the same page as them on the day.

    Now we need a few addresses to make sure we know where we’re going! Remember, if the section doesn’t apply to you, you don’t have to fill it out!

    Everything we do includes the ceremony so don’t skim over this bit!

    If the reception venue is the same location as your ceremony, you can just leave the next few sections blank.

    And that’s it! See, it wasn’t too bad, now just send this puppy through!